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Lapozó: Branding Project

Lapozó: Facebook Branding

Technique: digital, gouache

This is a branding project for a bookshop with a café. This is the theme that runs through all the offline and online interfaces of the Lapozó.

On the one hand, my bookshop café is a place of quiet retreat, where you can get away from deadlines and stress with a good book and a heavenly coffee. It's also a place for events, as the couple who run the shop also place great emphasis on bringing the community together.

As I created the logo I tied the first two letters together in a ligature. The colours, a pale butter colour, a bright red and the navy blue were inspired by medieval books of hours. Recurring elements are the coffee and book illustrations that appear on all the surfaces.

As promoting the love of reading is one of the cornerstones of my brand, I designed bookmarks for both the flyer and the packaging. This added another feature to an interface that consumers would otherwise throw away.

You can see the coffee packaging of Lapozó here.


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