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Packaging Design

Wine Label

wine label design

Technique: ink, digital

My illustrative background is also present in this project. I added an ink drawing of a deer to the logo's ligature. The smudged ink provided an excellent opportunity to make the text more contrasting. I tried to choose a more elegant font for the project that would appeal to the target audience.

Coffee Packaging

Coffee Packaging

Technique: digital, gouache

Lapozó, a bookshop with a café, also sells its own packaged coffee. You can see the full branding project on the projects page in another post.

Here you can see the finished package, in which the coffee beans are packed in a separate sealed package. When you open the box, you’ll find a bookmark as a suprise. This added another feature to an interface that consumers would otherwise throw away.

Soap For Men: Packaging

Soap For Men: Packaging

Technique: digital

Heinsum was designed as a logo for a men's cosmetic. The main wave motif of the logo is echoed on the soap. I also designed packaging for the logo.

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