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Publication Design

The Jungle Book Redesign

The Jungle Book Cover

Technique: gouache, digital collage

I wanted to create an atmosphere with this cover that perfectly reflects the mood of the book. The jungle plants create a playful setting for the snake silhouette, reflecting Mowgli's adventures. But the blood-spot-like scales on the snake also hint at the darker side of the story, which is about raw survival. The font of the title brings a playfulness to the project that can be experienced in the colourful leaves and flowers.

I have written a blog post about how exactly the cover of The Jungle Book was made. You can read it here.

Town Musicians of Bremen: Book Cover

Town Musicians of Bremen: Book Cover

Technique: gouache, digital collage

The cover illustration shows the main point of the book, when the animals stand on each other's backs and try to scare off the band of robbers with their wonderful voices.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for this project was the typography. In the end - as it is a children's story - I chose a handwritten font, which I created myself. These letters are similar to the shaky letters I once learned in primary school.

Glossy Magazine Design

Magazine Design: Layout

Technique: digital

This glossy magazine article is about Naomi Campell's first baby and motherhood. In addition to designing the cover, I also had the pleasure of creating 3 other pairs of pages. I used funky colourful elements that appeal to the target audience of 20-40 year olds.

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