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Inktober 2023

Welcome back to my blog. This time I'm posting about my drawing challenge Inktober for this year. It's a pretty common art challenge among artists, where the goal is to draw something every day based on a given word. You can find the Inktober prompt list on their website, because yes, there is an official list followed by adventurers from all over the world! For each day of October, there is a word or phrase that is the starting point of an illustration.

The point of Inktober is to draw something every single day. But my friend Kriszti and I decided to split the list between us. I drew on the even days and Kriszti on the uneven days. So we suspected from the very beginning, we could even finish this challenge!

Inktober 2023 művészeti kihívás szólistája.

Kriszti and I decided to choose a character to take through the challenge. It was important for us to have continuity and to make this challenge a complete story by the end! Unfortunately, I didn't manage to do the latter, but Kriszti presented a complete adventure story with a broccoli starring in it. True, spoiler alert, the poor guy gets cooked at the end, but it was still exciting to follow his adventures.

Officially, you're supposed to use an ink pen, but I did it all on my Ipad this year, opting for a plain HB pencil. I chose the Ipad because I can carry it practically anywhere and have all the technology in my "pocket". If I want to paint with watercolour, I'll use it. If I want to paint with ink, I'll paint with ink. Since I gifted myself with an iPad and downloaded Procreate, I can draw in places I couldn't even imagine before!

That's why I ended up using it, as I could very easily take it with me to work, where my lunch breaks were pretty much all about Inktober for a month. I admit though, I slipped up about three times with it and only managed to draw the prompt the next day.

A művész kezében tartja az Ipad-jét, amin az Inktober kihívásra készített egyik illusztrációja látható.
That's my favorite illustration!

I'm very proud of myself and Kriszti that we managed to complete this half-Inktober.

It was always in me to draw something every single day. I could stick to it for a while, but then somehow the motivation always ran out and I was consumed by everyday life. But with Inktober, I also realised that if I wanted to pick up a pencil every day, I didn't have to think big and draw a full two-page children's book illustration. All it takes is a character and a few strokes, and the picture is done!

Even the most complex picture took no more than half an hour to draw. And half an hour is not a lot of time if you decide to draw every day. All it takes is half an hour off from watching Tiktok videos and I have the free minutes for a quick little drawing! (Yes, guilty here, sometimes I just lie there and scroll for hours, knowing I could be doing 300 other much more vital things...)

Maybe next year I'll try to do all the prompts and not just every other prompt. This challenge has given me enough strength now to know that I can do it if I want to...

I also uploaded this project to Behance because it was very useful for me and I learned a lot from it. You can also see a short summary of it on Instagram. You can access both here!

And this is how Kriszti did Inktober with her broccoli!


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