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Who am I?

An illustrator and graphic designer's first attempts

Welcome to my blog. I thought I'd start with a brief introduction.

I'm Adrienne, an illustrator and graphic designer and I'm very happy to have you here on my website. As I don't particularly like to talk about myself, I thought I'd lighten the tension with 6 short funfacts, in illustration format of course.

1. 1. I love reading, fantasy is the closest to my heart.

2. I have an adopted puppy, Axi (short for Axel). He's one of my models (I have more photos of him on my phone than of my husband, hahh.)

3. I can't exist without coffee, although I'm convinced that caffeine is now completely ineffective for my body. I prefer to drink it for the ritual and hugging my coffee mug for at least for an hour after waking up.

4. I am the happy owner of a very extensive mug collection.

5. My birthday is July 18 and my horoscope is Cancer.

6. I must state the obvious: I am not a complete person without drawing and painting.

I suppose the first question you might have asked yourself is how does one become an illustrator and graphic designer. I wanted to take this path for a very long time, but I had one problem: I couldn't find the right course. In 2021, I found the Holloka Graphic Studio's program, which literally changed my life. I was very happy when I was accepted.

I started my first year in illustration and continued my second year in graphic design. Both are very thorough and thoughtful courses, with lots of assignments, so these last two years have also involved quite a lot of resignation on my part. Mostly I had to manage my time to make the most of my training. This was not easy, as we know how it works with a full-time job.

As I had a pretty concrete idea of what I wanted to do, the goal kept me going and motivated me all the way. Even so, it wasn't easy, especially the graphic design part, as it wasn't as close to me as illustration.

In any case, here I am, an illustrator and graphic designer, who suddenly has a lot of time freed up. In July 2023, I finished the course, tried to rest as much as I could, and now I'm getting down to work.

But what does a graphic designer and illustrator do? I'll have a longer post on that, but for now I'll just list what I've been doing: designing book covers, t-shirt designs, wedding invitations and other wedding-related cards, making labels for bottles, painting pet portraits and now I'm ready for new challenges.

If you're curious about my daily life and work, you can check out my social media such as:


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